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Stagecoach Transportation

Rider Alerts

Stagecoach COVID-19 Service Update – April 1, 2020

Affected Routes:

Effective Monday, April 6th Stagecoach, a division of Tri-Valley Transit (TVT), is implementing changes to its service delivery model in an effort to maintain the highest levels of safety for all of our drivers and passengers during this time.  We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your cooperation while we continue to provide the most essential services.

Bus routes will be scaled back to include our most essential routes

  • 89er South #1 AM and #3 PM will run each morning and each afternoon
  • River Route #1 AM and #2 PM will run each morning and each afternoon
  • Circulator and Local Bus Services will operate on a Dial-A-Ride basis for access to essential goods and services throughout the Orange / Northern Windsor County Region – call one business day in advance to schedule your ride.
  • We continue to ask all passengers to refrain from using the bus if you are able to self-transport in order to maximize social distancing and minimize the risk of transmission.

All riders must call to request a ride

  • All passengers will be required to call to request a pick-up the day before their planned trip
  • Capacity of buses will be kept low to allow for social distancing onboard. Please leave an empty row of seats between you and the nearest passenger/driver.
  • Passengers will be screened by ride coordinators for potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus, whether you are exhibiting symptoms of illness, and to confirm your travel meets the definition of “essential”. Your trip may be denied based on this screening.

Delivery services are available

  • TVT/Stagecoach can provide free delivery of pre-paid essential goods (food, medications, hardware, etc.) to Orange/Northern Windsor County residents who are elderly, disabled, or unable to self-transport. Call TVT/Stagecoach one business day in advance to schedule your service.

Thank You!

  • We thank you for your support as we balance the essential need for transportation services with the critical requirement to observe “Stay Home / Stay Safe” orders.
  • Any questions or input you may have about this change can be directed to Jade McClallen, Regional Director, at or Mike Reiderer, Community Relations Manager, at or 802-728-3773.

89er North Alert

Affected Routes:


89er North AM #2 will not run on Thursday April 2.

Randolph Circulator Request Stops

Affected Routes:


Effective immediately the following stops on the Randolph Circulator Green Route will be made by request only:


Strode Apartments


Chelsea Service Suspended

Affected Routes:


As of Tuesday, March 24th the 89er South Chelsea Extension and the Chelsea Local Route are suspended until further notice.

If a ride is needed from Chelsea, please contact Stagecoach at 802-728-3773 for more information.

Barre Route Suspended

Affected Routes:


As of Tuesday, March 24th the Barre Route will be suspended until further notice.

COVID-19 Update 3/18/20

Affected Routes:

March 18, 2020

 Tri-Valley Transit Coronavirus Update

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic, Tri-Valley Transit, (dba ACTR and Stagecoach), would like to offer the following updates to our passengers.

To increase social distancing measures, we are:

  • Asking all passengers who can self-transport to do so and not ride the bus
  • Asking all passengers who are able to stay home to do so and not ride the bus.
  • Asking only nurses, doctors, child care workers, first responders, transit workers, and anyone with no other transportation options to be the only riders.
  • Asking all riders to limit shopping bags on the bus to what they can carry themselves – driver assistance will not be available to reduce social interactions

This is in addition to the other COVID-19 efforts currently in place at TVT, including:

  • Following all CDC protocols to ensure buses are sanitized
  • Operating fare free to reduce social interactions
  • Directing passengers and drivers to practice safe hygiene

For more information about Tri-Valley Transit services in Addison County (ACTR) and Orange and Northern Windsor Counties (Stagecoach), please visit our websites at and or call us at 802-388-2287 (Addison) and 802-728-3773 (Orange/N. Windsor).

Hancock Route Cancellation

Affected Routes:


Quintown Senior Center has suspended the congregate meal program until further notice.  As a result we will suspend the Monday – Wednesday-Friday Hancock Route.  Please continue to call Stagecoach to set up volunteer rides as needed.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance & Response

Affected Routes:

Updated 3/12/2020

Tri-Valley Transit is carefully monitoring local and national guidance regarding the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  The following guidelines have been provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

How you can stop the spread of germs in public places

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Don’t touch your face in public
  • Cough/sneeze into a tissue (or your elbow if no tissue available)
  • Throw tissues in the trash and sanitize hands as soon as possible
  • Wash hands with soap and water or use sanitizer when you reach your destination

What TVT is doing to help 

  • Emptying trash receptacles daily
  • Daily disinfection of bus handrails and seats with recommended strength bleach solution
  • Immediately isolating biological spills/messes for sanitizing
  • Making all routes FARE-FREE until further notice as a precaution

River Route – Update 4/1

Affected Routes:


Until further notice:

River Route Mid-Day service will be suspended effective Thursday April 2.

River Route #2, both AM and PM will be suspended effective Wednesday March 25.

River Route Hanover Stops

Affected Routes:

River Route afternoon routes will be stopping at Webster Hall on Wentworth St instead of Maynard St. until further notice.