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Tri-Valley Transit

People of TVT

    Bus Drivers

  • Dick Allen

  • Wanda Belyea

  • Ronald Benson

  • Darrin Farrington

  • Judy Fuller

  • David Gagnon

  • Dennis Hill

  • Doug Sprague

  • Bob Lyon

  • Randy Moore

  • Kathleen Shepherd

  • Lee Sprague

  • Brian Sullivan

  • Brian Tillotson

  • David Wilson

    Volunteer Drivers

  • Kenneth Smith

  • Ray Bourgeois

  • Jim Deering

  • John Earl

  • Steve Garrow

  • Bonnie Gaudette

  • Charlie Gaudette

  • Elsie Maynard

  • George Phillips

  • Joanna Waterson

  • Jeff Worcester

  • Richard Wacker

  • George Guay

  • Julie Guay

  • Andrew Ales

  • Rosella Leonard

  • Ted Rogers

  • Ann Kennedy

  • Debra Holt

  • Jonathan Hislop

  • David Gustafson

  • Sally Doyle

  • Charles Pollard

  • Anne Silloway

  • David Silloway

  • Viola Small

  • Colleen Gustafson

  • Jack Van Hoff

  • Kathleen Lund

  • Michael Manning

  • Amy Manning


  • Julie Allen

  • Deborah Allen

  • Jackie Mulligan

  • Danielle Covey

  • Chelsea Larson

    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Angela McCluskey

    Assistant Finance Manager
  • Chris Morris

  • Josh Nau

    Field Supervisor
  • Amanda Stockwell

    Lead Dispatcher
  • Kirstie Thomson

    HR/Finance Assistant


  • Jim Moulton

    Executive Director, Tri-Valley Transit

    Executive Director of Stagecoach since 2014 and ACTR since January 2002
    Board Chair of the Vermont Public Transportation Association from 2003-2017
    Vermont’s Representative on the Advisory Board of Community Transportation Association of America

  • Jade McClallen

    Regional Director

    Oversees Programs and Operations
    Title VI Compliance
    Safety Manager
    Property Manager

  • Mike Reiderer

    Community Relations Manager

    Community outreach
    Media relations

  • Bill Morgan

    Operations Manager

    Manages Bus Drivers
    Schedules all fixed routes and paratransit trips
    Oversees bus maintenance

  • Shari Lutton

    Executive Assistant, Tri-Valley Transit

    Special Projects

  • Gina Tindall

    Finance & Human Resources Director, Tri-Valley Transit

    Finance and Accounting
    Attraction, selection, training and assessment of employees
    Ensures compliance with employment and labor laws.

    Board of Directors

  • Renny Perry


    Former Mayor of Vergennes.  Vice-President of Vergennes Partnership

  • Thomas Burgos

    Treasurer, Bethel Rep

    Retired AVP-Business Risk Services for National Life

  • Gale Hurd


    Community activist who worked with Addison County State’s Attorney to advocate for victims of crime.

  • Tim Crowley

    Rochester Rep

    Instructor at Norwich University. Retired principal of the Barre Town School

  • Naomi Drummond

    Reading mentor for children.  Retired teacher.

  • Margaret Gladstone

    Dairy farming with her family and breeding quality Morgan horses

  • Paul L. Kendall

    Retired from careers in government, banking and real estate management.

  • Adam Lougee

    Executive Director of Addison County Regional Planning