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Stagecoach Tranportation

People of Stagecoach

    Bus Drivers

  • Jim Abbott

  • Dick Allen

  • Walt Arbuckle

  • Steve Backus

  • Wanda Belyea

  • Bob Cavelius

  • Seth Corbett

  • Darrin Farrington

  • David Ferris

  • Judy Fuller

  • David Gagnon

  • Dennis Hill

  • Jerry Kavanaugh

  • Duane King

  • Ernie Lawrence

  • Bob Lyon

  • Pablo Mendez

  • Randy Moore

  • Charlie Shepard

  • Brian Sullivan

  • Jennifer Tuttle

  • David Wilson

    Volunteer Drivers

  • Stephen Aldrich

  • Joyce Clifford

  • Jim Deering

  • Isaak Dowlin

  • Todd Driscoll

  • John Earl

  • Cheryl Farrar

  • Steve Garrow

  • Bonnie Gaudette

  • Charlie Gaudette

  • Carolyn Hart

  • Angie Howland

  • Shirley Johnston

  • Bonnie Kenyon

  • Elsie Maynard

  • George Phillips

  • Betsy Race

  • Joanna Waterson

  • Jeff Worcester


  • people_angela-m

    Angela McCluskey

    Assistant Finance Manager
  • people_amanda-stockwell

    Amanda Stockwell

  • people_chelsea-larson

    Chelsea Larson

  • tanya

    Tanya Frazier

    Staff Accountant


  • people_jim-moulton

    Jim Moulton

    Executive Director

    Executive Director of Stagecoach since 2014 and ACTR since January 2002; Board Chair of the Vermont Public Transportation Association since 2003; Vermont’s Representative on the Advisory Board of Community Transportation Association of America

  • people_aaron-little

    Aaron Little

    Regional Director

    Title VI Compliance; Safety training and compliance; Property management

  • people_laura-perez

    Laura Perez

    Community Relations Manager

    Community affairs/relations; Marketing; Maintain and strengthen financial health; Publications; Media relations

  • people_kelly-wheatley

    Kelly Wheatley

    Program Manager

    Manages Dispatchers, Program Support Administrator and Volunteer Drivers

  • people_male_160

    Don Ferris

    Operations Manager

    Manages Bus Drivers; Schedules all fixed routes and paratransit trips; Oversees bus maintenance

  • people_gordy-marsh

    Gordon Marsh

    Finance Manager

    Stagecoach and ACTR financial management

  • people_shari-lutton

    Shari Lutton

    Human Resources Manager

    Special Projects

  • gina2

    Gina Tindall

    Human Resources Director

    Attraction, selection, training and assessment of employees.  Ensures compliance with employment and labor laws.

    Board of Directors

  • people_paul-kendall

    Paul L. Kendall

    President, Braintree Rep

    Following careers in government, banking and real estate management, Paul retired as the Managing Partner of Shire Resources in 2011 where he offered consulting services, financial management, organizational development and planning services to non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations in the United States and Latin America.  Currently, he serves on the Land Protection Committee for Green Mountain Club,   the Offender Review Board for the Orange County Court Diversion Program, and the board of Gifford Medical Center.

  • people_thomas-burgos

    Thomas Burgos

    Vice President, Bethel Rep

    Bethel Representative. Tom is currently the Treasurer and a member of the Stagecoach Board of Directors having served in those roles since May 2014. He is the AVP-Business Risk Assessment for National Life Group where he has worked since 1996. Tom has served other local organizations including as Chairperson of Bethel Council on the Arts, Whitcomb High School Track & Field Coach, as a Trail Monitor for the Green Mountain Club, and as President of the Green Mountain Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors. He enjoys hiking, skiing, playing guitar, hockey, and golf.

  • people_stephen-aldrich

    Stephen Aldrich

    Treasurer, Stockbridge Rep

    Stephen Aldrich is the founder of Bio Economic Research Associates, an independent research and consulting firm specializing in the social and economic consequences of human-induced change to biological systems.  Steve studied evolutionary biology at Harvard before entering business.  He co-founded Cambridge Energy Research Associates’s  natural gas practice, served on North American Natural Gas Council, and has been a leader in the economic analysis of emerging infectious diseases. Steve was a founding member of the UN “Towards a Safer World” pandemic preparedness network, and has worked with many governments, private sector companies, and NGO’s on pandemic preparedness and response. He lives in Stockbridge, Vermont with his family, where he produces excellent maple syrup and fine apple cider.

  • people_brad-atwood

    Brad Atwood

    Secretary, Sharon Rep

    Brad has practiced law in the Upper Valley since 1991, and is a member of both the Vermont and New Hampshire Bar Associations.  He is a partner in the Lebanon, New Hampshire based law firm, Hughes Smith Hughes Atwood & Mullaly PLLC.  Brad earned his undergraduate B.A. degree in geology and geography from Denison University, and his J.D., cum laude, and Masters Degree in Environmental Law, magna cum laude, from Vermont Law School.  Currently, Brad is president of the Board of Trustees of The Sharon Academy, an independent school in Sharon, Vermont, serving grades 7-12.  He previously served as a member of the Sharon Selectboard, notably as its chair in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene.  Brad has four children, Caleb, Abra, Caroline and Bruce.

  • people_frank-jay-barrett

    Frank J. “Jay” Barrett

    Fairlee Rep

    Jay is a second generation architect practicing in New Hampshire and Vermont. Beginning at a very young age while growing up in Hanover, Jay has long enjoyed researching, writing, and speaking about the rich history of this region of the upper Connecticut River valley; and especially the subject of regional transportation. Related to this is Jay’s lifelong interest in the restoration and preservation of early American automobiles and the history of the American auto industry.  Over the past twenty-four plus years, Jay has been involved with many of the governmental functions of the Town of Fairlee.

  • Tim Crowley

    Tim Crowley

    Rochester Rep

    Tim Crowley was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area, and graduated with degrees in Spanish and International Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He moved to Vermont in 1985, having discovered this beautiful state on a fishing trip through New England.  Shortly after his arrival, he and a friend built what is now the Rochester Cafe.  His next adventure was in the education world.  He taught for 5 years, earned a Masters Degree at Castleton State University, and became principal of the Stockbridge School, the Braintree School, and then the Barre Town School where he served for 23 years.

  • people_lyn-fischer

    Lyn Fischer

    Newbury Rep

    Bio coming soon

  • people_julie-iffland

    Julie Iffland

    Randolph Rep

    Julie Iffland is the Executive Director of Randolph Area Community Development Corporation (RACDC).   She came to RACDC after a 19-year history in conservation real estate, in which she was responsible for negotiation, fundraising, and project management of large community conservation and historic preservation initiatives.  Julie holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Hartford and a B.A. degree from Yale University, where her studies focused on music and sociology.  While at Yale, Julie and 6 fellow senior women co-founded the first female counterpart to the Whiffenpoofs, an all-senior women’s a cappella group they named Whim n’ Rhythm, which has since established itself internationally.


  • people_gidget-lyman

    Gidget Lyman

    South Royalton Rep

    Gidget has been on the Stagecoach Board since June 2009. She is the Financial Analyst for the Department of Psychiatry at Dartmouth College, where she has worked for 20 years. In addition to her volunteer work at Stagecoach, she acts as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Town of Royalton. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, skiing and tennis.

  • people_female_160

    Bobette Scribner

    Bobette Scribner is Executive Director for the Bradford Community Development Corporation (BCDC), a volunteer role she has served in for over 15 years.  BCDC’s mission is to develop and maintain a community center, fostering economic development within the community, and promoting local jobs and businesses. The leadership of the board assisted by Bobette’s training and persistence has moved BCDC from a small development organization into a robust nonprofit which provides significant benefits to organizations and individuals who help to develop jobs for the greater Bradford area.