89er North Commuter Route

Morning Schedule
Monday - Friday
Stagecoach Office 5:50am
Randolph Park & Ride 6:00am
CVMC 6:24am
Berlin Park & Ride, (R) * Berlin Mall6:28am
DOL Park & Ride (T) ** 6:37am
National Life (T) 6:42am
Subway, Montpelier 6:49am
Shaw’s, Montpelier (T) 6:51am
CVMC 7:00am
Berlin Park & Ride 7:05am
Northfield Park & Ride 7:16am
Randolph Park & Ride 7:35am
VTC 7:40am
Gifford Medical Center 7:52am
Stagecoach Office 7:55am
VT Law School, South Royalton 7:55am
Evening Schedule
Monday - Friday
VT Law School, South
Stagecoach Office 5:02pm
Gifford Medical Center 5:05pm
VTC 5:17pm
Randolph Park & Ride 5:23pm
Northfield Park & Ride 5:38pm
Berlin Park & Ride 5:48pm
DOL Park & Ride (T) 5:56pm
National Life (T) 6:01pm
Subway, Montpelier 6:08pm
Shaw’s Montpelier (T)6:10pm
CVMC *** 6:18pm
Berlin Park & Ride, (R) Berlin Mall 6:23pm
Randolph Park & Ride 6:47pm
Stagecoach Office 6:55pm

*R= Request Only
**T= Transfers available to GMTA routes or CCTA Link Express to Burlington
*** PM Service from CVMC to Montpelier is available via GMTA route #82 at 5:40pm. Visit www.gmtaride.org for more information.